Inadequate preventive care leads to tooth decay, and tooth decay leads to cavities. Unfortunately, without regular preventive care, it can be difficult to know how healthy your teeth and gums are — and when it’s too late, you may already have a cavity.


Toothache is the most common symptom of a cavity. During a toothache, the soft pulp inside the tooth becomes infected or irritated, leading to pain. Eating sweet foods and drinks, chewing, breathing cold air, and consuming hot or cold beverages and foods typically worsen the pain. If you have a toothache, make an appointment to see the dentist immediately — the longer you wait, the more difficult the repair will be.

Bad Breath

In the absence of tooth pain, bad breath may indicate a tooth decay problem. People who do not make thorough brushing and flossing daily habits leave food particles in between and on teeth. Bacteria grow on the remaining particles, thus creating halitosis. Keep in mind that bad breath may also indicate other serious health problems, such as gum disease, which can damage the bone near the mouth, and yeast infections (of the mouth).

Spots on the Teeth or Loose Fillings

If you notice a black, brown, white or gray spot on your tooth, you may have a cavity. These soft spots in the enamel of the tooth indicate an infection has taken hold. If you notice a spot on your teeth but don’t yet feel pain, make an appointment with the dentist immediately — don’t wait until pain starts. Similarly, if you have a loose or missing filling, see the dentist immediately before bacteria grows and causes a new, more painful dental problem.

A Broken Tooth

Broken teeth are vulnerable to decay and cavities because the softer inside is further exposed to cavity-causing tooth decay. Not only can the dentist recreate your tooth with natural-looking materials, but he can also protect your mouth from painful decay. If you notice you have a broken tooth you should have it restored immediately.

No matter what type of cavity symptom you’re experiencing, see the dentist as soon as you suspect a problem.
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