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Pediatric dentistry is committed to the quality oral health of children, starting from infancy and continuing into their teenage years. Young children, preteens and teenagers all require different approaches to dentistry regarding behaviors and guidance. Through proper dental health and development, your child can avoid any future dental issues.

At Anderson Dental we practice a full scope of pediatric dentistry in Payson, AZ. We offer the latest in specialized equipment and a trained, friendly staff to address today’s pediatric dentistry needs in a comfortable and caring environment.


Why Are Primary Teeth Important?

Proper dentistry is essential to the health of your child, and the formation of their primary teeth affects their growth and development. Primary teeth, often referred to as baby teeth, are essential for learning how to properly chew and eat. They also provide space for permanent teeth, guide permanent teeth into the proper position, contribute to the natural development of muscles and jaw bones and affect the development of speech. It’s critical to maintain your child’s primary teeth, as cavity formations can lead to problems that affect permanent teeth development.

Many professionals recommend your child begin visiting the dentist by age one or within six months of the first baby tooth appearing. From before birth, your child’s teeth start forming. By as early as four months, the lower central incisor begins to come up through the gums, followed by the upper central incisors.

Most of your child’s 20 primary teeth will begin to appear by the time your child is three. Their primary front four teeth will last until they're about six or seven, eventually being replaced by permanent teeth. The back teeth — molars and cuspids — aren’t replaced until the ages of 10 to 13.

Child's First Visit to the Dentist

child brushing teeth

During your first visit with us, we want you and your child to feel at ease and cared for. Our friendly staff will take your child on a tour of our office so that they feel comfortable. Then, we'll perform a full dental exam of your child’s teeth, including cleaning and polishing.

Depending on how old the child is, we might also include a dental x-ray with the dental exam. Throughout the process of your child’s dental exam, we'll explain and demonstrate all steps so that they can fully understand the dental visit process.

Cavity Prevention

Preventing cavities is necessary to ensure your child’s primary teeth form properly and don’t impact any permanent teeth development. To prevent cavities, you must remove leftover food particles and bacteria that will eventually form cavities. For babies and infants, we recommend rubbing a gauze or wet washcloth over your child’s gums and teeth to wipe away plaque.

Younger children and teens need to brush their teeth at least twice every day. To curb the occurrence of cavities, make sure your child has a healthy, balanced diet, with limited access to food and snacks containing a lot of sugar. The more frequently your child snacks also affects chances for tooth decay. Foods that remain in the mouth for a long time also have a greater opportunity to cause cavities — hard candies and mints, for example, stay in the mouth for a lengthy period, which causes longer acid attacks on tooth enamel.

Dental X-Rays

dentist looking at x-ray of mouthRadiographs are a necessary part of your child’s dental exam and can help detect problems that you can treat early. Having an x-ray performed during dental exams can detect cavities, survey growing teeth, diagnose bone disease, evaluate injuries and help determine any future orthodontic treatment.

These x-rays can help the dentist diagnose and treat conditions that can’t be detected during a regular exam. At Anderson Dental, we take all necessary precautions to minimize patient exposure to radiation, using lead-lined body shields throughout the process. With modern technology, we can restrict the x-ray beam to only the focused areas.

It’s recommended that children receive x-rays at least once every year, once every six months if they're at high risk for tooth decay. Every three years, it’s wise to have a complete set of x-rays, including panoramic and bitewings.

Pediatric Dental Emergencies

At Anderson Dental, we understand that children may sometimes experience mouth injuries ranging from minor lip and tongue bites to more serious instances like a knocked out tooth. In times of emergency, we offer emergency same-day dental services to ease pain. Common pediatric dental emergencies include:

  • Toothaches: At the onset of pain, clean the affected area around the tooth, then rinse with warm water. If pain persists, visit your local dentists at Anderson Dental so that we can investigate the irritation further. Don’t apply heat to the area or give your child medication.
  • Cuts or bitten tongues, lips or cheeks: Apply ice to the area to prevent swelling, and hold a cloth or gauze to the area to control bleeding.
  • Knocked out primary teeth: This issue is typically not considered an emergency, but you should still contact your local technicians at Anderson Dental for guidance.
  • Chipped primary teeth: Contact your friendly dentist at Anderson Dental to determine next steps.
  • Knocked out permanent teeth: This issue is a serious emergency. Bring your child to the dentist immediately for the best chance to save the tooth. After the tooth has been knocked out, try to find it. Handle it by the crown and never the root, and inspect it for any damage or fractures. You may clean the tooth using only water — do not use soap or scrub it. If the tooth is intact, place it back into the socket. Have your child keep it in place by biting down on a piece of cloth or gauze. If you find that the tooth cannot be reinserted, transport it to your dentist in a cup filled with the child’s saliva or milk.
  • Chipped permanent teeth: Rinse the mouth out with water, and apply a cool compress to reduce any swelling. Find any broken tooth fragments, then quickly go to your dentist’s office — quick, immediate action can save the tooth, prevent any infection and lower the chances of needing more extensive dental treatment.

Healthy, Confident Smiles With Anderson Dental of Payson, AZ

girl getting dental examAt Anderson Dental, we’re committed to the prevention of childhood dental disease and decay. We're dedicated to teaching children proper oral hygiene techniques as well. By seeing children early, we can instill good dental habits and decrease decay and infection, resulting in better long-term results.

Your child, with our help and involvement, can become a perfect dental patient, have a healthy mouth and maintain a striking, white smile. Schedule an appointment with one of our friendly dentists today by completing our online scheduling form or speaking to one of our team members at 928-474-4581.


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