I have never been in a dentist office where I have encountered such a caring and encouraging Dentist & Staff. I appreciate the expertise of Dr. Church and the phone calls from his assistant, Debbie to check on how I was doing after my extractions.

Loretta Anderson

"They are the Best!" With extensive reconstructive dentistry to be done, over the last 6 years I have been to a few dentists. I cannot begin to say just how truly happy I am to have ended up at Anderson Dental. Everyone, I mean everyone in the office has in some way helped me through this process. With the help of Dr Scott Price, Dr. Eric Anderson, and his wonderful staff I have restored my smile, my confidence, and my ability to chew! Thank you one and all.

Debra Bloedel

We appreciate so much your care of our teeth. I especially thank you for my smile again. Thank you for being our dentist.

Corbin & Nancy Deckert

At age 12 I chipped one of my front teeth. At age 14, I chipped the other front tooth. Soon after, both teeth *died* and began getting darker. Three botched root canals with a student dentist drove me away from normal dental care. 30 years later, I was in danger of losing every tooth in my head. I was behind closed doors and avoiding any live contact with clients because my smile didn’t reflect the person I was. Dr. Eric sat me down and gave me options, then gently and professionally did a couple of root canals to save two important back teeth.

This gave me the confidence to agree to more work. More options were discussed, and we finally agreed on two bridges across the front of my mouth where most of the damaged and dead teeth were. A few months later, and I am a new person. Happy and smiling all the time, I am now eager to meet new people. This has given me the confidence to become a personal business coach.

Thank you Dr. Eric!

Cenay Nailor

We moved to Payson from Minneapolis two years ago and required a new dental service. We took a chance by looking in the yellow pages and found Anderson Dental. In calling they were very receptive and welcoming.

I personally required a great deal of work from total extractions and false teeth to their recommendation of saving as many teeth as possible. Anderson dental also had to work in between my personal health that ranged from Chemo and Radiation for cancer and an operation; pneumonia (2 times) and eventually a heart attack.

In between all of this Anderson was doing extractions; surgery, implants etc. We are now into this for two years and will finally be able to finish in the next month. We have worked with other dental services in Minnesota; but Anderson Dental has been just superb to work with and their prices are very fair for the services they provide.

Jack Storey

Dr Church is extremely caring and gentle with his patients. I have lived my life under ‘Murphy’s Law’ where if "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong", but also living proof that it can work both ways.

Under medical treatment for degenerating bones, this deteriorated my perfect white, beautiful teeth. I was referred to Anderson Dental and Dr Church agreed to take my case. It was a 4 month journey, but it was an awesome experience as he was always calm when I was freaking out! Every time smiling he would say, “I can fix that”. Dr Church and his staff are all awesome.

I am so excited with the results that I can’t stop smiling. Everyone I know gives me a huge ‘wow’!

Janet Yates

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