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Periodontitis Treatment: Root Scaling and Planing in Payson, AZ

Periodontitis, a severe oral disease, requires nonsurgical treatment to stop extensive tooth decay and gum disease. Root scaling and planing performed by a gum disease dentist in Payson, AZ, removes hardened plaque and tartar on teeth and cleans pockets of infection at the gum line using hand-held ultrasonic dental tools and irrigation techniques. Following scaling and root planing, your dentist may prescribe antibiotics to reduce the risk of recurring periodontitis.

Periodontitis begins with gingivitis, a gum disease causing gums to swell, redden and bleed. Unless gingivitis is reversed with professional periodontal care in Payson, AZ, teeth may begin to decay and loosen while areas where your teeth meet your gums swell with infection. A deep cleaning procedure called scaling and root planing is an aggressively effective treatment for periodontitis.

What Are Scaling and Root Planing?

Scaling involves your dentist removing tartar and plaque below and above the gumline. Root planing, or just “planing,” is when your dentist smooths damaged tooth roots to make it easier for gums to reattach to your teeth.

Ultrasonic tools used during root scaling and planing treatment eliminate biofilm, plaque and tartar with painless sonic vibrations. These vibrations clean exposed dental enamel and teeth surfaces under the gum line. If particularly stubborn plaque is difficult to remove with ultrasonic devices, your dentist may remove remaining biofilm with manually operated instruments.

If your gums are sore and sensitive, a Payson, AZ, gum disease dentist can administer a local anesthetic to numb tissues before a root scaling and planing procedure. Depending on how long periodontitis has been affecting teeth and gums, scaling and root planing treatments may require more than one visit to completely remove biofilm, plaque and tartar.

The best way to prevent periodontitis is to receive regular dental checkups and to maintain good oral hygiene practices. To schedule an appointment with a Payson dentist for cleanings or other general dentistry services, give us a call at 928-474-4581!

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Antibiotic Therapy and Periodontal Care in Payson, AZ

Antibiotic therapy is another kind of periodontal treatment involving controlled applications of antimicrobial solutions placed directly on infected areas of the gums. Advantages to inserting antibiotics directly into pockets of infection include quick relief from bleeding and inflammation without the side effects of heavy antibiotic use.

Localized antibiotic therapy provides excellent results when used after a scaling and root planing procedure before oral bacteria biofilm has a chance to start accumulating on dental enamel and at gum lines. When combined with good oral hygiene practices, periodontal therapy implementing scaling and root planing and antibiotic therapy dramatically reduces the risk of suffering repeated bouts of periodontitis.


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