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Cosmetic Dentistry and Teeth Whitening Services

Having functional, healthy teeth is the main goal of our dental service. Appearance also matters, however, which is why our dental services include cosmetic procedures as well. At our Payson, AZ office you can receive a wide range of cosmetic dental services, from bleaching and teeth whitening to cosmetic veneers and full mouth reconstruction.

Whether you need routine dental service, dental x-rays or complex oral surgery, our friendly and talented staff stands ready to help you find the best solutions to your dental needs.

If you're searching for cosmetic dentists in the Payson, Arizona area, give us a call at 928-474-4581 or schedule a consultation for teeth whitening or more advanced procedures at our cosmetic dental office.


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Reclaim Your Best Smile

Over time you can develop yellowed teeth. Certain foods and beverages, such as tea, stain the teeth. Injuries can yellow teeth, too. The good news is that our teeth whitening dentist can have your smile back in beautiful, radiant shape in one simple visit with our in- office teeth whitening services.

If you chose to include bleach trays for at home maintenance, we'll take an impression of your mouth and build custom-fitted trays, where you’ll apply the whitening agent as needed to the tray and wear it in the comfort of your own home. It won’t be long before you notice the incredible results!

Cosmetic Veneers for a More Beautiful Smile

Dental veneers cover the surface of your teeth, either to restore your teeth's appearance or repair damaged teeth. As a cosmetic dentistry treatment, a veneer covers stained or discolored teeth, hides worn tooth enamel and camouflages uneven tooth alignment. Veneers are also an excellent choice for covering old and unsightly fillings.

If you are in the Payson, AZ area and looking for a cosmetic dentist then schedule an appointment with Anderson Dental today, and find your whitest, straightest smile sooner than you ever imagined.


We have happy patients.

“I have never been in a dentist office where I have encountered such a caring and encouraging Dentist & Staff. I appreciate the expertise of Dr. Church and the phone calls from his assistant, Debbie to check on how I was doing after my extractions.”