Anderson Dental Group – Serving Residents of Forest Lakes

Anderson Dental Group is devoted to promoting healthy, white smiles and offering a comprehensive list of dental procedures to accommodate all of your oral health needs. Located in Payson, AZ, Anderson Dental Group accepts patients from Forest Lakes, Pine and other communities surrounding the Payson area.

Our dentists and staff pledge to give you personalized, quality care in a friendly, warm environment that focuses on your satisfaction and comfort. In addition, our dentists use only the newest methods and materials available to professional dentists working in the oral health industry.

Cosmetic/Restorative Dentistry

Whether a tooth is lost due to extraction, decay or trauma, replacing the tooth as soon as possible is vital to maintaining the integrity of bone, gums and existing teeth. Our dentists are skilled in providing dental implants, dental bridges, full dentures and partial dentures. Alternately, preventing tooth loss is just as important as replacing lost teeth. When there is a possibility a damaged tooth may be saved, your dentist may perform a root canal using rotary endodontic techniques to remove infected pulp and rebuild the tooth so that it functions as a healthy, permanent tooth.

Preventative Dentistry

Detection of teeth and gum diseases in their earliest stages is an essential preventive approach to maintaining oral health. Digital x-rays take detailed images of teeth nerves and roots so that your Our dentists can assess your oral health in an accurate and timely manner. Digital imaging technology also reduces the amount of radiation — up to 80 percent less than traditional film X-ray radiation emission — patients are exposed to because these x-rays are based on sensoring technology instead of exposure technology.


Anderson Dental Group provides patients with a variety of options when it comes to restoring oral health. Even after years of damage, our talented staff will give you your health back with excellent results.

If you live in Forest Lakes or other areas surrounding Payson, AZ and want to learn more about all the dental procedures we offer, please call our friendly staff at Anderson Dental Group at (928) 474-4581.

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We have happy clients.

Dr Church is extremely caring and gentle with his patients. I have lived my life under ‘Murphy’s Law’ where if "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong", but also living proof that it can work both ways.

Under medical treatment for degenerating bones, this deteriorated my perfect white, beautiful teeth. I was referred to Anderson Dental and Dr Church agreed to take my case. It was a 4 month journey, but it was an awesome experience as he was always calm when I was freaking out! Every time smiling he would say, “I can fix that”. Dr Church and his staff are all awesome.

I am so excited with the results that I can’t stop smiling. Everyone I know gives me a huge ‘wow’!